About Swirly

Swirly Studios LLC is a company with a vision to make learning an enjoyable part of everyday life, not a chore to be to be dreaded and avoided. As an independently owned and operated company, we are committed to offering engaging learning & parenting apps at prices affordable to all. We believe learning can be fun and more effective, and love the opportunity some of the newer technologies are providing us to create immersive learning experiences. We have provided numerous educational apps for clients from university research groups to Fortune 100 companies.

Ravi Purushotma
Ravi Purushotma is a learning games designer & developer. He received his B.A. from UCLA in Linguistics, Cognitive Psychology & Teaching English as a Second Language. He also holds an M.S. from MIT in Comparative Media Studies, where he worked in their New Media Literacies research group. After completing his M.S. he worked with the MIT Education Arcade, where he helped design and prototype Lure of the Labyrinth, a game to teach mathematical thinking, as well as authoring the theoretical framework for their upcoming foreign language learning efforts. He was awarded the German Chancellor's Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in order to investigate new systems for teaching foreign languages through digital games in Germany.

Shahani Towfiq
Shahani Towfiq is an educational technologist who specializes in designing learning games. Having received her BA from the University of California at Berkeley in Interdisciplinary Studies (with a focus on education, child psychology, and technology), she has worked in educational curriculum and technology companies such as Computer Curriculum Corporation, BritannicaSchool Online, and LeapFrog. At LeapFrog, she managed cross-functional teams to develop titles in early literacy, math and social sciences. She also worked with LeapFrog's Advanced Concepts team to adapt the use of new technologies for constructive learning. Most recently, she has co-launched Swirly Studios to create kids' apps on mobile and touch devices to promote learning and healthy development.